Cyclase Associated Protein (CAP) was first identified in yeast

13MbAbstractThe Actin Cytoskeleton is essential for Eukaryotic life and is involved in a diverse range of cellular functions. Cyclase Associated Protein (CAP) was first identified in yeast as a regulator of the CYR1 Adenylate Cyclase. Subsequently CAP family members have been identified in every Eukaryotic kingdom and have also been implicated in the regulation of Actin dynamics.

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One of them was partially sequenced. This clone did not contain an extensin gene homologous to the probe sequence steroids steroids, and only contained a short extensin like sequence which was responsible for the observed hybridisation. The putative gene may represent another type of protein, since it was expressed in the root of Arabidopsis and Brassica napus L, as shown by “Northern” blots which were probed with labelled DNA from the clone..

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